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it's called the employer-employee relationship;

meaning i get what i want, and you don't.

Lisa Cuddy
26 July

doctor lisa cuddy; dean of medicine
Born into a Jewish family that reiterated the importance of money, power, and success, Lisa Cuddy grew up with these ideals embedded into her mind. From a young age Lisa came to terms with the realization she would not lead the life her father had set out for her. He wished for his daughter to marry a Jewish man and remain safe, quiet and sheltered. Lisa wanted something more. More than anything else, Lisa wanted an education.

From the age of eleven Lisa began to take her studies more seriously than any of her fellow students or friends. While other children her age chose to participate in clubs, parties, and outings at the mall, Lisa's favorite companions were her books. She was never arrogant about her intelligence, for it did not come easily to her. Many hours were spent each night for study and homework, and while Lisa did not mind this she never took anything she achieved for granted. It was merely another step down a long, winding road of achieving her goal.

Her efforts paid off and Lisa graduated with high honors from her high school. The ultimate reward came when she was awarded a scholarship to John Hopkins University, and much to her father's dislike, Lisa accepted immediately. She began the years of intense study required to become a doctor, for her love of medicine had come to take over all other fancies she'd had in the way of a profession. Lisa knew she wanted to be a doctor, and she was unwilling to give up until she achieved that degree.

During her years as an undergraduate, Lisa first encountered Dr. Gregory House. Already legendary among the medical field and highly respected by anyone who knew his name, his presence at the university did not go unannounced, and Lisa attended many of the seminars and discussions he gave. The past between Lisa and Dr. House remains uncertain, for she will not speak of it in great detail to anyone, including her closest friends. The two were reportedly seen together a few scattered times, but no proof of a relationship of any nature was ever discovered.

After graduating second in her class from John Hopkins, Lisa chose to pick up and move from Michigan to New Jersey, having heard that extensive opportunities for medical professionals were arising in the state. Six months after she relocated, Lisa interviewed for a job at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. While she was declined the particular position she sought, she was liked so greatly by the retiring hospital administrator that after another interview process, she was given the job of chief administrator and Dean of Medicine. The entire hospital was in her hands, and Lisa's career began, filled with new and fresh promise.

Soon after accepting the job, Lisa encountered Dr. House again. Despite his shady past which was filled with terminations from other hospital employers, Lisa chose to offer Dr. House a job as the head of the diagnostics department at Princeton-Plainsboro. Dr. House accepted, and took every opportunity from that day on to test Lisa's limits to the extreme. All of their teasing and bickering can be seen as good-natured, and though Dr. House has been known for taking extensive risks with his patients and their treatments, Lisa continues to come to his defense. She has never admitted it to him, but has been heard to call Dr. House "the best doctor they [Princeton-Plainsboro] have on staff." Through House, Lisa also met and befriended Stacy Warner and James Wilson, both of whom she has continued to have friendships with.

When Dr. House was struck with a sudden thrombosis in his thigh while playing golf with Stacy, he was admitted immediately to Princeton-Plainsboro. But a misdiagnosis did damage to his leg that could not be repaired and Lisa quickly took over his case to see what could be done. House refused to have his leg removed, and out of respect for his wishes Lisa sought a middle ground that would hopefully salvage the leg, yet elimiate the potentially deadly infection. The only option was to remove the damaged muscle cells, and later as House slept away the pain in a chemically induced coma, Stacy, as House's health care proxy, signed the papers that would allow the operation to take place.

Stacy and House's relationship ended soon after that, but Cuddy's relationship with House was never compromised. He does not seem to blame her at all for what happened to his leg, though the resentment he possessed for Stacy was undoubtedly what drove their relationship to ruins. Cuddy and House continue to have a strange relationship in the workplace. While she often disciplines him for unorthodox practices and skipping out of clinic hours there is an intense element of trust between them. It is House who discovers Lisa's desire to become pregnant, and who assists her with the injections that are needed for fertility as well as screening potential sperm donors. Rumors of an affair between them continue to be whispered, but again neither one will speak of it in either confirmation or denial.

Canonically falling in the end of season two and throughout seasons three, four, and the present, it has been a desire of Cuddy's to have a child of her own. She pursued invitro fertilization treatments with no success, having the first two fail to take and the third result in miscarriage. She confided initially in no one but House, who helped her with the necessary injections for her treatments, and then for assistance in choosing a donor, then later on told Wilson of her plans. After the failed implantation attempts she began the application process for adoption and was approved, but has yet to adopt a child should she choose that path for herself.

Cuddy's canon will be updated with each episode of the show, thus the prompts in her journal will be current with the new episodes as they air.
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